Dedicated to providing counselling and mental health assessments to people of all ages

Life has many obstacles. Anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma are problems that can make even everyday activities a challenge. Our registered psychologists, clinical counsellors, and clinical assessors help individuals and families overcome emotional and developmental challenges that disrupt their daily lives.

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Chilliwack Counselling and Psychological Services

We have been established in the Fraser Valley since 2002 and have built a reputation in the community for our compassion and successes with both individuals and families. We are trained to understand a wide range of problems and have the experience to diagnose and provide treatment as required. Our clients are treated with respect and compassion by our psychologists, clinical counsellors, clinical assessors and assessment specialists; assessments and treatments are designed to provide help in the following areas:

Family stresses
Work stresses
Personal relationship problems
Dealing with traumatic events
Feelings of depression including contemplating self-harm
Disruptions in life arising from anxiety and panic
School problems and learning disorders in children and adults
Neuropsychological based problems

Understanding Your Needs

We are a team of mental health professionals dedicated to helping each and every one of our clients move past the hurdles in their lives.

If you would like to talk to someone, please give us a call.


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