Psychological Assessments

We know that the prospect of getting help for your mental health issues can be distressing. An assessment offers the first step in treating your problems and can help determine the strengths and vulnerabilities in specific areas of concern. Our goal is to gather specific information to better understand your current state and suggest a path to the future. Contact our office to arrange an appointment for an assessment.

Psychological assessments often look at, but are not limited to:
Intellectual functioning
ADD and/or ADHD
Adaptive functioning/functional life skills
Learning disabilities

Further Details about Your Assessment

Our goal in the assessment is to gain insights and develop new strategies necessary to improve the quality of your life. In many cases, an assessment can lead to a diagnosis of one of many psychological conditions, special educational needs, or cognitive disabilities. Accomplished through the use of interviews, rating scales, observations, testing, curriculum-based measurements, history taking, and measurement of responsiveness to intervention, our assessments aim to provide recommendations to your simple question: “Where do I go from here?”

Fees range depending on the length and complexity of the assessment.


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