Frequently Asked Questions about Psychological Services in Chilliwack

We have found that many of our clients, especially in the early stages of treatment have questions and concerns about what to expect during a course of treatment. For that reason we have collected some of the questions we hear most often here on this page and provided answers. If you have a question that is not addressed here, or if you would like to schedule an appointment at our office, please contact us.

What happens when I first meet my therapist or assessment specialist?

During the first session with your therapist your past and present concerns will be explored and an initial plan of action developed to give direction to treatment. Depending on the issues a more formal assessment using psychological tests may be arranged to clarify the nature of your presenting problems. As well, your therapist will discuss the issues of confidentiality and the safeguards provided to protect your privacy.

The initial meeting with your assessment specialist will lead to clarification about the assessment process including information about history taking, the tests being used and expectations during test administration. As well, the value of the test results in treatment or for assisting in other decisions affecting your life in the future will be explained before testing is started.

Is the process of assessing children comfortable for the child?

Our assessment specialists are not only trained in test administration and interpretation, they are mature, compassionate and highly child oriented people. Our goal is to obtain the best information possible to help your child and this can only be achieved if the child feels safe and can relax. Parents are directly involved in the assessment process both in contributing information and in promoting comfort in their children.

How long is a treatment session and what are the fees?

A treatment session is 50 minutes in length. This time frame is used to provide ten minutes to allow your therapist to consider the information discussed during the session, make notes and plan the next session. Sometimes, when the issues are complex or there is urgency to find solutions two sessions will be scheduled back to back which translates into 100 minutes of treatment. Group treatment sessions typically run between two and three hours depending on the issues under consideration and the composition of the group.

The cost of individual treatment is depends on the practitioner you choose to see. Psychological assessment fees also vary depending on complexity. Please call the office to request information on fees.  Psychologists, clinical counsellors and clinical assessors are not covered by the medical services plan and for private patients the process is like the dental system. That is, you are responsible for the costs of treatment. However, you can receive assistance through extended health care programs if the coverage includes psychologists, clinical counsellors and clinical assessors. For referrals for certain groups of people, (RCMP, Canadian Forces, Veteran’s Affairs, ICBC, Work BC) billing is made directly to the organization.

Is the fee tax deductible?

The costs of psychotherapy, counselling and assessments are tax deductible if they are not covered by insurance.
The services by a Registered Psychologist are tax deductible.

What is the policy for cancelling appointments?

If there is a need to cancel please notify us as soon as possible. If you provide 48 hours notice there will be no charge as we can fill the spot from our cancellation list. Notification of less than 48 hours will be charged unless a clear response on your part to an emergency was necessary.

When can I arrange to see a psychologist, clinical counsellors and clinical assessors?

We try to provide services in a timely fashion and engage new patients within two weeks of contact. However, because the practice is busy a reasonable time frame is not always possible to manage. Should the wait be seen as too long we will try to help by suggesting other resources.

Do you connect to other professionals who are providing help?

Our philosophy is to be contributing members of the group of people providing health and educational services. When it is clear that sharing information would likely serve you well we will discuss this option with you, identify the information to be processed and obtain your permission to discuss relevant issues with appropriate people you identify. We respect your right to privacy but also realize that some problems require input from multiple sources in order to be understood and addressed.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

Although we work closely with physicians, a referral from a medical doctor is not required in most cases to see a psychologist, clinical counsellors and clinical assessors.


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